How To File a Claim

We highly suggest reading the instructions below before attempting to file a claim. If you have any questions about these instructions, you can call 1-888-909-0100 to speak with a representative.

Online at here is what you will see.  Click on File a Claim Electronically.  This will take you to the online claim entry form.

Type your Name and Email address and the text shown in the image

Next you will see a “terms of use” agreement that requires you to click your agreement in order to continue with an online claim.

You should read through it and if you agree, check the box and click agree.

After you accept the terms of use, you’ll see a list of forms available. Click on the link that says, “Fire Claimant Proof of Claim Form.

The online form will appear.  You will type in your information and click buttons highlighted in yellow on the form.  You’ll see that you have to click “Next” several times throughout the form when the questions are not applicable.  If you want to skip ahead to see the rest of the form, or if you want to go back to make changes, you can use the arrow up or arrow down buttons found at the bottom of the screen.

Filling out the Fire Claimant Proof of Claim Form (either online or downloaded version).

Part 1: Identify the Claim

  1. Who is the current creditor?
    You are the creditor for your claim. If the claim includes loss to property owned by an entity or held in a trust, the entity or trust is also a creditor.  For a minor child, fill in only the child’s initials and the full name of the child’s parent or guardian (for example, write: A.B., minor child (John Doe, parent).
  2. Has this claim been acquired from someone else? 
    Check “No” unless you bought the claim from someone else. If the claim has been acquired from someone else, then state the identity of the last party who owned the claim or was the holder of the claim and who transferred it to you before the initial claim was filed.
  3. Are you filing this claim on behalf of your family?
    You can file one claim form on behalf of your family or, each family member can file a separate individual claim form.  A family is a group of two or more people related by birth, marriage, domestic partnership, or adoption and residing together.  All such people are considered as members of one family.  If filing on behalf of your family, name yourself as the current creditor under Question 1, and list each family member who is also a claimant under Question 3.  For a minor child, fill in only the child’s initials and the full name of the child’s parent or guardian (for example, write: A.B., minor child (John Doe, parent).
  4. Where should notices and payments to the creditor be sent?
    If you are not using an attorney, fill in your own contact information on the left side (notices). Payment address info on the right side only needs to be filled in if different. You’ll have to click “next” several times as the form advances left to right.
  5. Does this claim amend one already filed?
    Check “Yes” if you are amending an earlier claim you submitted in the PG&E bankruptcy.
  6. Do you know if anyone else has filed a proof of claim for this claim?
    This is a simple “Yes” or “No.”Part 2: Give Information About the Claim as of the Date this Claim Form is Filed
  7. What fire is the basis of your claim?
    Check all appropriate boxes

    Note below the year and counties affected by the fires named above:
    Camp Fire (2018): Butte County
    North Bay Fires (2017): Butte County, Calaveras County, Humboldt County, Lake County, Mendocino County, Napa County, Nevada County, Solano County, Sonoma County, Yuba County
    Ghost Ship Fire (2016): Alameda County
    Butte Fire (2015): Amador and Calaveras County
    If you do not see the fire that is the basis of your claim in the list above, but still believe that you have a claim, please check “other” and provide the date and description.
  8. What are the loss locations(s) where you and/or your family suffered harm? 
    List all locations of loss by address (property damaged address, address where personal injury occurred, point of evacuation). If you suffered property damage, then provide the street address of each real property parcel where you suffered damage. If you were personally evacuated as the result of a fire, then provide the address or intersection closest to where you encountered the fire and began evacuation. If you suffered property damage and were evacuated from a different location, include both. If you were a renter, provide the address of your residence.
  9. How were you and/or your family harmed?
    Check all that apply.
  10. What damages are you and/or your family claiming/seeking?
    Check all that apply.
  11. How much is the claim?
    A claim amount is not required at this time.  You may check “Unknown/to be determined at a later time”

Part 3: Sign Below (The person completing this proof of claim must sign and date it.)If you are completing the form for yourself and/or your family, check “I am the creditor.”Sign by selecting keyboard icon to type your signature or the pen icon to draw your signature on the signature line.  Click Apply, then click “Click to Sign.”

Below your signature you will be asked to print your name and contact information.

After signing, you will see “Attach Supporting Documentation.”  You are not required to attach supporting documentation at this time.  If you are not submitting supporting documentation, check “I do not have supporting documentation.

You’ll receive an Email confirmation once you submit.

The fastest way to file a claim is online.  However, you may choose to print and fill out the form for mail-in delivery instead. If you choose this method, you can download the form here.